Java Technologies

Java Technologies


Introduction: The course is designed to impart knowledge and skills required to solve real world problems using object-oriented approach utilising Java Language Constructs. This course covers the subject in two parts viz Java language and Java Library.

1) NIELIT qualified.
3) Computer literate with good programming skill in C /C++

Block Syllabus:
Vol 1- The Java Language.
1.Introduction to Java 2.Data type, variables and arrays 3.Operators 4.Control statement 5.Introduction classes and objects 6.Inheritance 7.Packages and Interfaces 8.Exception Handling 9.Multithreaded programming 10.I/O, Applets and Other topics
Vol 2- The Java Language.
1.String handling 2.Exploring Java Language 3.The Utility classes 4.Input/ Output- Exploring Java I/O 5.Networking 6.The Applet class 7.Swing 8.Images 9.Java database connectivity (JDBC)

Examination: All the students will have to appear in the institute's examination at the end of the course to get the institute's certificates.