Python Programming

Python Programming


Introduction: It is a short term course of six months. This course is for the Engineering (B.Tech(IT/CS) / MCA / BCA /B.Sc (IT/CS) and other college students. Students of NIELIT 'O'/'A'/'B' Levels can also take admission in this course. Python is a high level programming language that enjoys extensive popularity among developers and programmers. Code readability is an important feature of this language. Its syntax allows concepts to be expressed in fewer lines of code. The syllabus of the course is very much parallel with the requirements of modern job demands in Python.

(1) Higher Secondary

Block Syllabus:

1) Introduction to Python

2) Installing Python

3) Conditional Statements

4) Looping

5) Control Statements

6) String Manipulation

7) Lists

8) Tuple

9) Dictionaries

10) Functions

11) Modules

12) Input-Output

13) Exception Handling

14) OOPs concept

15) Regular expressions

16) Multithreading

17) Database

17) GUI Programming

18) CGI

19) Networking

Examination: All the students will have to appear in the institute's examination at the end of the course to get the institute's certificates.