Artificial Intelligence Basics & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence Basics & Machine Learning


Course Objective:

To impart basic understanding of A.I and A.I based systems in real world.

Course Duration: 6 Months

Course Outline:

1) Basic concept of AI & ML and their purposes

2) AI problem space and solution search techniques

3) Heuristic search and knowledge representation

4) Knowledge representation rules

5) Predicate logic

6) Game playing and goal planning

7) Expert systems and domain knowledge

8) Application of AI in commercial sectors

9) Machine learning and it’s applications

10) Advanced Python programming for A.I & M.L

11) AI & ML based project work

Course prospect:

1) Insight view of AI & ML and their applications in real life.

2) Concept of machine learning

3) Hands on approach to AI & ML projects

4) The candidate can work as : a) Freelance AI developer b) Scientific project assistant c) Fresher in AI based IT jobs