Hardware and Networking

Hardware and Networking


Introduction: It is a short term course of six months. This course is for the Engineering (B.Tech(IT/CS) /MCA/BCA/B.Sc (IT/CS) students. Students of NIELIT 'O'/'A'/'B' Levels can also take admission in this course. This course provides an introduction to computer networking and hardware concepts and highlights the use of software and hardware tools as an aid to enhance teaching and learning computer networking and hardware fundamentals. The syllabus of the course is very much parallel with the requirements of modern job demands in Hardware industry.

(1) Higher Secondary

Block Syllabus:

1) Introduction to PC Hardware

2) Motherboard and Processor

3) BIOS Configuration

4) Installation of Operating System

5) Hard Disk

6) Installation of Device Drivers

7) Configuration of External devices

8) Diagnostic and troubleshooting of PC

9) Utilities Compression Utilities

10) Basic networking Concept

11) Networking Topologies

12) Transmission media

13) Cabling

14) Study of components like switches, bridges, routers, Wi-Fi router etc

15) TCP/IP, IP addressing, MAC address, Subnet

16) Crossover cable using standard color-coding

17) Straight cable using standard color-coding

17) To create a simple LAN

18) To set up a WLAN (Wi-Fi) router

19) To share and access a file/folders over a network

20) Installation window 2003 server with DHCP and DNS server

21) Ghost server

22) Linux installation

Examination: All the students will have to appear in the institute's examination at the end of the course to get the institute's certificates.